8" Hanging Bowl
8" Hanging Bowl

8" Hanging Bowl

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Grow your own enchanted world with this Terrarium Kit. This beautiful terrarium set is perfect for exploring your creativity, and includes everything you need to craft your own vibrant mini-landscape! Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so you can start creating right away. Plus, keep adding pieces to make your terrariums even more exciting! Invite friends and family to join in the fun! #PlantParty.

Kit Includes - Four Plants, Pebbles, and Decor (may differ from the pic shown) 

Choose which types of plants best fit your style.

Succulents: Water less frequently. Love lots of sun. 

Tropicals:  Water weekly. Enjoys high humidity and Bright Light. 

Air Plants:  Mist a few times a week. Loves bright light. 

The terrarium is 8". *Discover the convenience of local delivery and in-store pickup, we also offer U.S. shipping. Please be mindful of temperatures when shipping to colder states as we currently do not provide heat packs. Plants may be harmed in below-freezing conditions.*