Tropical Terrarium Plants

Living in a Northern climate ,such as upstate NY, has given me a better appreciation for tropical settings. Tropical plants are a way to brighten my home during the cold winter months and my mood. However, keeping tropical plants happy in a cold environment has its challenges. Here are some tips to keeping them happy and healthy. 

Water: Tropical plants enjoy moisture. Typically requiring more often waterings during the warmer months. Usually 2-3 times a week when the top soil is dry. Water less frequently during the fall and winter. Leaves are great indicators of a plants needs. Leaves that are brittle and dry may indicate the plant needs more water or humidity. Yellow or mushy leaves may indicate overwatering. 

Light: Tropical plants enjoy bright indirect light while a few also will tolerate lower light settings. Such as palms, ferns and fittonias. Brow spots or dry leaves may indicate the plant is receiving too much light. 

Soil: This depends on the type of plant. There are specific mixes for orchids and african violets. Generally, tropical plants do well with a houseplant potting mix.

Consistency is key for tropical plants. They typically do not appreciate a sudden change in temperature or water levels. Creating a routine is best and keeping them away from drafty locations. 

Caring for Tropical Terrariums

Creating your own tropical mini garden is a great way to keep these humidity loving plants healthy. The care principles are the same when the terrarium is open. Click here for a closed terrarium guide.  One key factor to keep in mind is that terrarium typically do not have a hole to allow access water out. Therefore it is important to be mindful of overwatering.