Cacti Care

Desert Cacti: 

Light: Place these plants in the brightest spot possible especially during the winter months. They enjoy full sun outside or placed indoors in a sunny location. 

Water: Between spring and summer water when the soil dries out. During the colder months these plants can last weeks or even months without a drink. Water just enough to prevent shriveling.

Temperature: Cacti can tolerate temperatures as low as 40° to 95°+. Because of this, cacti can be kept cool during the winter months and tolerate the heat during the summer. 
Caring for a Cacti Terrarium
One of the wonderful characteristics of a cactus is that they are extremely low maintenance. Some even thrive off of neglect. They make wonderful open terrarium plants with little care requirements. Cacti terrariums require minimal watering. Water when the soil is completely dry. Typically watering every 2-3 weeks. Make sure not to soak the soil too much to where the plants are sitting in water. It is better to under water than over to avoid root rot. Keep the terrarium in a bright location. No need to mist the plants.