Horse Racing Wrongs Fundraiser 9/28/23
Horse Racing Wrongs Fundraiser 9/28/23

Horse Racing Wrongs Fundraiser 9/28/23

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Horseracing Wrongs is a non-profit committed to ending the cruel and deadly horseracing industry in the United States. 

Come join us at The Planter on September 28th, 6:30 pm - 8 pm for a fundraiser to put a stop to the injustice of horse racing and the maltreatment of innocent creatures being used for betting. Each ticket will include a succulent terrarium workshop that you will create and bring home. A portion of the ticket sales will go to supporting Horseracing Wrongs Non-Profit Organization. 

"Horseracing Wrongs stands against all animal exploitation. We hold that no animal should be bred, domesticated, and used for human purposes. The wrong, as we see it, begins and ends with animal property; as long as we continue to own them, talk of “rights” is positively meaningless. Accordingly, we are not interested in reform or so-called welfare improvements – simply an end, to horseracing, to all of it."

Click here for more information on Horseracing Wrongs. 

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