Dracaena Trifasciata Hahnii - Bird's Nest Snake Plant

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This hardy, almost indestructible foliage—known to some as mother-in-law's tongue—is a perfect choice for those looking to purify the air. Its green and silver swords, with their generous yellow trim, make a tight, lush cluster, and its high tolerance for neglect makes it an ideal companion.

Light:  Medium

Water: Water when the topsoil is dry during the summer months. Water when completely dry in the winter months. 

Humidity: Low

Temperature: 60 - 75° F / 15 - 24° C 

Soil/Repotting: Repot when the plant is root-bound. Use well-draining soil. 

Height & Spread: 30 x 12in

Toxic / Air Purifying