Carnivorous Plant Terrarium Workshop
Carnivorous Plant Terrarium Workshop

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium Workshop

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Join us on May 26th at 6 pm for a unique opportunity to learn about carnivorous plants and build your very own terrarium! Instructors Phil and Bill (from Clever Carnivores) will educate the class on proper carnivorous plant care, building the terrarium and maintenance. Tickets include one free beverage, supplies, and plants. Tickets are refundable until 48hrs prior to the event. Tickets will be sent through email. 

About the plants that will be used in the workshop:
– The specific plants are Drosera ‘Hercules’  
-- Drosera ‘Hercules’ is a hybrid of (D. Capensis alba x D. aliciae) 
One of the easier carnivorous plants to grow, Drosera x Hercules uses sticky tentacles to capture prey. These tentacles are specially designed to lure, capture and absorb nutrients from small insects through their leaves, not their roots. 
These plants typically live in bog type(wet) areas and like lots of light but are quite adaptable. They grow anywhere from 2 – 10 “ tall and produce small, firecracker-like flowers that can leave you with hundreds of ready-to sow seeds. These make for great windowsill and/or terrarium plants ready to capture any fly that enters the area! 
Tropical Butterworts 
Pinguicula, commonly known as Butterworts, are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and even in South America. Although they have a wide growing range, Mexico is home to the widest variety. These species in Mexico go through carnivorous and non-carnivorous phases. During the wetter summer months, the plants produce leaves with small sticky hairs to capture small insects. Enzymes and acids are excreted to dissolve and absorb nutrients from the insects, similar to the sundew.  
Butterworts also make for great windowsill and terrarium plants as they have very few requirements and produce beautiful, long-lasting flowers!