Tropical Terrarium Guide

*Friendly reminder that building the terrarium will be messy. There are also many ways to build. Explore your creativity. These are simple guidelines for beginners.*

1. Pour pebbles into the bottom of the container. This will create proper drainage for the plants. Plant typically do not like their roots sitting in water for long periods of time. This could cause them to rot. 

2. Take the plants out of their nursery pots. 

3. Combine the bases of the plants. Wetting the soil will help create a round base. 

4.  Place the plants in the center of the container. Leaving room around the sides for the sand. 

5. Start pouring the sand around the sides to begin the layers. Start with the brown sand, then black, then brown again.

6. Use the brush to clean up the sides of the container and the leaves. 

7.  Decorate! 

These tropical plants enjoy medium to bright indirect light. Water once a week with a few oz. Avoid overwatering and direct light.