Tillandsias " Air Plants "

Tillandsias or commonly known as "Air Plants" belong to the Bromeliaceae family. (Fun Fact: that makes them related to the Pineapple Plant) These unique plants are found in mountains, deserts and forests of the Americas. Commonly seen in Florida is the Spanish Moss (Tillandsia Usneoides) that overflow on the trees. 
Unlike your typical house plant, Tillandsias absorb their nutrients through their leaves from the air rather than their roots. Their roots allow them to anchor themselves on trees. 
Determining the care of your Air Plant will depend on which type it is.
Xeric or Mesic.
Xeric Tillandsias are native to desert climates. Characteristics of these types are pale green leaves to absorb the direct light, often flat leaves, may have fuzzy trichomes (hair).
Light: Direct to Bright Indirect Light. Most Tillandsias can tolerate florescent lighting but will grow slower. 
Water: Soak once a week for 20 min. Shake the plant after giving it a bath and allow to dry upside down before placing back in their container. This will help prevent rooting from sitting water in their leaves. Mist in between waterings to help keep the plant hydrated if they are in a warmer climate. 
                     Ionantha                                        Caput-Madusae          
Mesic Tillandsias are native to tropical climates and would prefer more humidity. They would require more frequent misting. Bright indirect light or will adjust to fluorescent lighting. 
***Dirty Water is best for Air Plants***
Dirty water could be pond water, rain water, or tap water that has been sitting out for at least 3 days.