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Air Plant Care

Light: (Air Plants need indirect sunlight. Placing them in reach of the light from a window would be sufficient. Adequate home/office lighting can be used as well.  Water: Tillandsia's enjoy a good mist of water at least two-three times week. The hotter the climate the more water your plant will need. They can also be submerged in a pool of water for 20-30 minutes. After, shake the water off so that it does not sit inside the plant (this could cause root rot). Using pond water or water that has sat out for at least 24 hours is best for your plant. This will provide the nutrients your plant needs. 

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Caring for your Succulents!

Light: Place your succulents under indirect sunlight. Next to a window is ideal.  Water: Only water your succulents when the soil is dry. Using a long stem watering can will allow direct access to the roots. Their leaves will hold the water which can give you indicators that the plant is being over watered or under. 

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